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Whether this is your first pregnancy or you are an experienced parent, you may have lots of questions about your pregnancy. Here we share our experiences on pregnancy related topics close to our hearts.

Advice for new mom - to sleep when your baby sleeps


Every child is different. Unfortunately motherhood does not come with a playbook. However, we aim to provide you with quality information and knowledge to help make parenting easier.

traveling with an infant

Traveling with Baby

Traveling and flying with your baby can be daunting but it does not have to be. The bond and memories you create is what you will remember and talk about all the time. We share travel tips and information.

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You can expect thorough research-based information, reviews, and comparisons on baby products and equipment that make parenting easier when you visit The Babies HQ. 

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We also implement a systematic method when we review products, focusing on quality, cost and sustainability.

Through our review method, we are able to provide honest and fair product comparisons giving you concise explanations so you can comprehend the items and make informed purchasing decisions to save time and money

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