If you are preparing for the arrival of your new baby, you may feel excited and stressed at the same time. One aspect of preparing is ensuring you already have everything you need when your baby arrives and your stay in the hospital room.


Hospital bags are a must-have item for your labor and delivery, and they should be packed with all the essentials to make your hospital stay as comfortable as possible. Here is a hospital bag checklist of must-have items for your pre-packed hospital bag for your baby.


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What to Pack in Diaper Bag for Hospital?

Here is a list of useful items to include in your hospital diaper bag:


Essential Paperwork You Need

You will need to bring a couple of things with you.

When you arrive, bring your Driver’s License, Insurance Card, Hospital Card, and pediatrician’s contact information.


Diaper Bag Essentials: Labor and Delivery 

Comfortable Clothing and Footwear

During labor, it’s going to be uncomfortable and painful. To make the best of the experience, you would want to move around rather than stay in one position. Don’t let your clothes get in the way for you to feel uncomfortable.


Choose clothing and footwear that are comfy. Prepare clothes that are good for a few days. You can include your partner’s clothes, too!


Massage Oil and Birth Ball 

Using massage oil helps ease the pain of labor and delivery. You can also use the birth ball to help you keep active and upright.


Get help with your partner by allowing him to rub your back while you sit and rock the ball. This time will be difficult for you as a mom, so having your partner beside you would be a great help!


Bring Snacks and Drinks With You

Remember to bring snacks and drinks during labor and delivery. This way, you can rest assured that you will get the nutrition needed to sustain yourself. Keep yourself full because it’s a long process!


Heat Packs, TENS Machine, and Reusable Water Bottles

Items that are useful to bring with you during labor and delivery are heat packs and a reusable water bottle. Heat packs and TENS machines can provide comfort and relieve lower back pain and cramps during contractions. Did you know it can also be helpful for relaxation? Yes, it’s for stress reduction, too!


Stay hydrated with a reusable water bottle throughout your labor and delivery. It’s handy and portable! You can easily do refills and ensure your water bottle is within your reach.


It is always a good idea to check with your healthcare provider before using heat packs during labor and delivery and to find out what specific items are allowed in the delivery room.


Advice for new moms - Get hospital bag ready in advance

Post Labor Essentials for Mom

Get Essential Toiletries

For moms-to-be, the labor and delivery process can be exhausting and tiring. After giving birth, you will feel the need to freshen up. One thing to remember is to bring necessary toiletries during your stay. Pack your shampoo or dry shampoo, conditioner, skincare products (including lotion), body wash, lip balm, cotton swabs, and hairbrush in your pre-packed hospital bags.


Nipple Cream and Breast Pads For Your Pre-Packed Hospital Bag

Are you planning on breastfeeding your baby? If yes, prepare a pack of nipple cream and breast pads in your pre-packed hospital bag. Nipple creams help soothe sore or cracked nipples, while the breast pads can help absorb any breast leakage.


Your body has been through a lot during pregnancy and labor, but with these simple items, it will be able to rest and recover so that it can get back to doing what it does best: being amazing!


Maternity Pads and Nursing Bras

Expect to be bleeding for a few days after having your baby. While it’s not the most glamorous thing in the world, having your nursing pads on hand is essential. Nursing pads absorb the blood and help make things easier for you.


Nursing bras are also essential post-labor—they provide extra support and make breastfeeding easier. Don’t forget to pack a few of those in your pre-packed hospital bags too!


Mom resting at hospital room after giving birth

Sleeping Needs to Pack in Your Best Hospital Bags


A good night’s sleep is essential when you are in the hospital. One thing to ensure you’ll have one is to bring your pillow from home. It’s comforting, and it is what you are used to. You can also use this for your back and belly, keeping you comfortable throughout the labor process.


Eye Mask

Consider bringing an eye mask with you, especially because hospitals are usually bright and noisy. You can also adjust your body position so that you are lying on your side with your knees bent and a pillow between them. Using a foam wedge can be of significant advantage, too. It helps you raise your upper body slightly above the bed, reducing back pain and making it easier for your blood to circulate.


Ear Plugs

With constant chatter and beeps from machines, hospitals can be very noisy. Earplugs can help block out these sounds and allow you to get the rest you need.


If you’re struggling to sleep during your hospital stay, try using earplugs or noise-canceling headphones. You can get various types of earplugs at local drugstores or online. If you use earplugs, ensure you test them out ahead so that they don’t bother you when it’s time for bed!


Hospital Bags Items For The Newborn

Sleepsuits, Socks, Baby Mittens, And Blankets 

Now, here’s the truth! Newborns don’t need much to get started on their life with you. Essential items are needed to keep them warm, safe, and comfortable. Pack a few sleepsuits, socks, baby mittens, and a soft blanket for your little one. These will be handy for swaddling and keeping your baby warm during their first few days.


Nappies and Wipes 

You can bring some nappies and wipes to the hospital. However, most hospitals provide you with plenty of nappies and wipes during your hospital stay. If you are unsure, call the hospital beforehand and ask them so you can be well prepared and only bring the items you need.


You may also want to bring baby lotion, cream, and diaper rash ointment. If there’s any danger of your child having sensitive skin, it’s worth getting some baby powder or lotion specially formulated for sensitive skin.


Burp Cloths and Cardigan

Newborns tend to spit up a lot, so having a few burp cloths on hand is a must.  A cardigan or sweater is also a great idea to have in your hospital bag, especially if you’re having a winter baby. It will keep your little one warm and can also be a lifesaver if the hospital gets chilly.



Do You Need to Bring Diapers to the Hospital?

In the United States, there is no need to bring diapers to the hospital. The hospital generally provides diapers and wipes during your stay. In most cases, there may be extra that you can bring home with you.


What to Consider in Choosing a Hospital Diaper Bag? Here’s The Best Hospital Diaper Bag Option For You – TernX Diaper Backpack and Clutch 

TernX Diaper Backpack are one of the best options when choosing the best hospital bag. Not only is it stylish and functional, but it’s also perfect for a weekend bag.

Travel diaper bag

One of the standout features of this bag is its large capacity. It comes with mesh pockets specifically designed for holding all diapers. You can quickly grab a new diaper without digging through your entire bag. 

Messenger sling bag

The TernX also offers a separate diaper clutch. Wipes are easily accessible as the clutch has an easy-access wipe compartment, making it easy for you to access your wipes with one hand. You can pack 3-4 days of clothes and essentials, so you are prepared for your baby’s arrival. Best hospital bag on the go!


Get Your Hospital Diaper Bag Ready

You’ve made it through the hectic months leading up to your baby’s arrival.  Here are a few more things to plan and pack for your delivery. You may have heard that hospitals provide most of what you’ll need when your baby is born, but it’s better to be prepared than sorry. And really, we all know that being prepared for your baby’s arrival makes life easier for everyone involved—especially for you!



Remember to bring your personal belongings like a universal portable phone charger, overnight bag, bath towel (but there are hospital towels, too!), extra hair ties, flip flops, and other comfortable clothes. Sometimes, an extra bag is needed. So take a deep breath and check off those items on your hospital bag checklist. You’ll be ready to welcome your little one in no time!


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